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Time Management

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You are a busy person constantly under pressure. There is so much to do. At the end of the day you hear two voices:

—“You are so far behind. It is hopeless. Throw away your to-do list and start fresh

—“You did well today. Keep on going. As long as you do your best things will turn out fine”.

As a busy mom you aim to raise kids by example, work in such a way that others want to follow your style and you always want to be there for your spouse. How much time do you have after all this to take care of yourself? Which voice will you listen to?

For this Wednesday’s health suggestion I do not mean to burden you with more things to do, but for your own sake and your family’s sake I encourage you to know your numbers

I am talking about health numbers today

By numbers I mean: Blood pressure, your cholesterol and other lipids, your waist circumference and your real age (see for more information)

I am going to tell you a story that may move you. A few years ago I met a nice family in my clinic. From the outside they looked perfect. All the pieces of their puzzle seemed to fit perfectly. They were the picture of health. One parent unfortunately passed away unexpectantly just before Christmas. Because she felt well, she did not think it matters to know her numbers. Remember the first sign of heart disease often is a heart attack

Make sure you get to know your numbers —sooner rather than later.

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