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In his book, “Why People Fail”, Siimon Reynolds lists a number of reasons why people fail. I reviewed that list recently and was amazed to note that much is common sense….yet people keep making the same mistakes over and over.

Imagine what your life can become in terms of being more consistent if you were to look at this list once a week. In an earlier blog I mentioned the value of the Sunday Huddle (A specific time set aside in our lives where we deliberately review of progress)

Here is the list of why people fail:

—Unclear Purpose

Negative Thinking

Low Productivity

—Fixed mindsets (insisting things cannot be changed)

Weak Energy

—Asking the wrong questions

—Poor presentation skills

—Not paying enough attention to EQ (emotional intelligence)

—Poor self image

—Not spending time to slow down and think

—No daily rituals


—Poor relationships

—Lack of persistence

—Seeing money as the be-all and end-all

—Not focusing on strengths

Some of these qualities were discussed already in previous blogs (the value of daily rituals; asking the right questions; persisting; checking your thinking; having more energy; counting the positive strengths and the value of consistent exercise)

One final question: Let’s assume you are doing all of the above already. Are you doing it consistently?


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