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I am a pediatrician but I love to read business books. To be blunt…..you should too.

Here is why: when you see how CEO’s and presidents think it may give you ideas on how to think yourself and how you think will determine what an example your life becomes.

Illustration: I am in a bookstore and I look at the bargain section. For a mere $6.99 I walk out with a book that has a red and white cover—intentionally I discover later when I crack it open. I had no idea who Donald R. Keough was (the author of a book with a title of “The Ten Commandments for Business Failure”) When I read the foreword by Warren Buffet I realize that Keough was the president of the Coca Cola Company. That explains the red colors

The great and successful Buffet himself says “when you are around Don, you are learning something all the time”.

Reading the book from cover to cover in 72hrs teaches me again what I knew: people who led bigger companies successfully are people who keep things simple and always learn lessons. I can benefit from their experiences and so can you if you are paying attention to how a life lived by example become a life worth living.

Action: Go to a bookstore; stop at the business section; learn from others; become a doer and not just a hearer.

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