Learning from Failure

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I finished my 83rd marathon 3 days ago. It was a great disappointment. I trained hard for 4 months and yet my finish time was way slower than expected. My wife and kids held signs along the way saying “Boston Bound”. It was not to be this time.

I am now recalibrating, working on a training schedule that is different from my past plans.

This week I would like to share a fine book I discovered: Rebounders (Authored by Rick Newman)

The thesis of the book is that we rebound when we find success through failure.

Take Thomas Edison for example. Before he was successful in inventing the light bulb he failed many, many times. He refused to quit.

Here is a list of qualities rebounders have:

—Rebounders don’t wallow in setbacks but they take action.

—They are constantly learning better ways.

—They don’t get bitter or take revenge but they move on.

—They manage negative emotions.

—They are resilient and passionate.

—They patiently persist.

—They have role models of others who overcame setbacks.

I am sure you have had obstacles in life. How we rebound makes all the difference.

When I run my Boston marathon I shall reflect again on what it took to get there, 14 years after my last two Boston marathons.


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