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 On Aug 21, 2012 I ran my 77th marathon. Here are some lessons I learned. Some were new and others were confirmations of previous lessons. I hope that they may help you—even if you are not a runner. Maybe you can use it at work or in raising your family:

 —There are no short cuts to big events. Preparation is key.

—Enjoy the journey more than the destination. In other words, what you become as you aim to finish strong is more important than the finish line itself.

 —Always do your best, even when circumstances are against you.

Help as many people as possible along the way reach their goals too. (It was fun for me to keep another runner focused and positive when she wanted to quit a few miles before we got to the end)

 —Any time you endure is a time you discover more about yourself.

—Count what you did right more than what you did wrong.

 —Have fun

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  1. Nicoleguenette Aug 22 at 10:57 pm - Reply

    Peter, great points! I cannot thank you enough for helping me complete the marathon yesterday. As you mentioned above I need to focus on the journey more. Yesterday I was stuck on the destination and my goal time which circumstances didnt let me achive. You were a great help to me!, I cannot thank you enough! Nicole

    • Drpeternieman Aug 28 at 4:17 am - Reply

      You are very welcome. I am sure your next race will be one of your best. Meanwhile enjoy the journey!

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