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I have written about it before………what some call “shower power”

In a copy of the June 2011 Prevention magazine I got the answer as to why we often get our best ideas when we are in the shower

John Kounios, a psychology professor from Drexel University, says in the piece that our attention broadens when we are relaxed. He says stress creates mental tunnel vision.

At conferences I love to have meals with my peers. Not so much for the food as for the conversation. I always learn from peers. Although not all of us get some of our best ideas when we are having a shower, by actually polling peers, I have discovered that over 80% get their best ideas when they take a shower.

What if you are in the 20%? Go for a walk.  Take up yoga.

One of Canada’s foremost pediatricians, Dr Ipp from Toronto, told me recently that he gets energy and ideas from doing hot yoga. He is a prolific researcher, a great clinician, a terrific teacher and a wonderful human being—- loved and respected by all. He also told me there is such a thing as laughter yoga!

 There are so many ways to get your best ideas. Find out what works for you and then tap into it. Make sure you record those ideas. As someone said, a revelation without a manifestation is a lost opportunity.

Dr Ipp and I shared a cab ride recently and he asked me a great question I want to ask you too today: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Record your shower-induced ideas and apply them in the next 5 years. It will make you a great example to many.

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