Life may throw you off at times, but….

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I live in a place known as the “Stampede City”. At this time of the year many Calgarians leave town, in order to miss the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. However, I see it as an event one must experience or focus on once every four years—like the Olympics.

Recently I took two of my sons to see the rodeo. You may not care for that at all. In fact, you may wonder what that has to do with this blog!

Here is my point. Cowboys get thrown off their horses; bull riders are good if they can stay on the bull’s back for more than 8 seconds. In fact, the winner of each of these categories got paid $100, 000 each! It takes skill and stamina.

So, with this as a metaphor, here is my question to you today:

When life tries to buck you, when you feel like you are being thrown off your horse…….do you give up or do you come back and believe that next time you will do better?

Since it is summer, I suspect you may be laid back.

But do yourself a favor and think of areas where you were thrown off and you yet have to come back and try again. It may be a relationship that failed and now you are skeptical about love; it may be a race you entered and you dropped out; it may be a financial setback. You decide if there is such a situation. Do something. Get back and continue the journey, always thinking on how you can take things to a higher level.

According to your faith will you succeed or fail. I believe you will stay on top—even after you fell off a few times.

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