Love Languages

How many people can truly say there is no way to improve the quality of their marriages?

I first learned about a book on the topic of knowing your spouse’s love language a few years ago. Currently this book (The  5 Love Languages written by Gary Chapman) has sold over 7 Million copies and it translated into 38 languages. It remains on the top of the New York Times Bestseller list.

Why? Because Chapman has kept his ideas specific, short and realistic. It is simple. But not easy to do (Not so long ago a friend of mine told me he admires the book when I suggested he reads it, but he admitted that he does not apply its contents consistently)

In short there are 5 ways to resonate with your mate

—Use words of encouragement.

—Spend Quality Time with him / her.

—Be helpful in terms of chores and service.

—Give gifts more often (they dont have to be expensive ones!)

—Touch more often (a hug, a encouraging squeeze of the arm; i.e. not sexual touch only)

Here is what I ask myself often (you can do the same if you are interested in improving things)

How consistent am I with applying these wise ideas?

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