Memories worth more than Money

Latest series of Canadian Banknotes

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A mother sees a pediatrician because her child has growing pains. The pediatrician asks many questions. Finally, he makes his diagnosis. The mom is right—its growing pains

By being curious he discovers more. The family will move to France from Canada. They will go for one year. Why? Like many children will answer……because

Because the family had the guts to ignore others who judged them in their decision to go for a sabbatical.

Because they could.

Because they listened to their dream more than their fears or logic.

Because it’s easier these days to get a home anywhere on the planet when you surf the Net (see

Because they feel their 4 kids will never forget the experience

As I said some many times before in these blogs, mind your own business as you run your own race. Exactly what this family did

They did one more thing too: they live life by example

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