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Not so long ago I was running the Houston marathon. It is  one of my  3 favorite marathons—the other two are New York City and Boston.

All three these races have one thing in common….mile 23 tells me who I am.

A marathon is 26.2 miles and when one gets to mile 23 it hurts; your legs talk to you; your heart beats fine but those legs…..they get heavy and tired beyond belief. Its there when you discover if you have what it takes.

It is at that point that some runners walk; some quit; some wonder why they entered the marathon in the first place.

And yet, even though you may never have done a marathon or never will do it, remember my story next time you get to your mile 23 in life.

It is that moment where you wonder if this parenting thing will work out. How will you ever get the job done right? What kind of a parent are you?

It is that week when your marriage stinks. You wonder why you got married in the first place. You are ready to walk. Walk away from it. Just get me out of this mess you think to yourself.

It is that silence in your office, just after you hang up the phone. Rejection. Hurt feelings. The boss did not appreciate you. You were that much more qualified than the person who got the promotion. You did not get it—the weaker, softer, less experienced person “beat” you. At that point it’s a mile 23 for you and you reach out toward the keyboard of the computer, ready to write out a letter of resignation.

Remember my mile 23 story…..don’t ever quit. If you cannot run anymore then walk; if you cannot walk anymore then rest a bit….then walk. Take a sip of water. Reset. Think of how far you have come. You cannot quit now.

At the Houston marathon I saw a slogan you may like:

—- Some finish first and others finish last but they all cross the same finish line.

How true. Run your own race well. Do it daily. Do it relentlessly. But never give up. Never quit at mile 23.



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