Mind the GAP

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Photo credit: Ochinko)


At a recent conference I learned about an interesting study done at the prestigious MIT, located in Boston.

They looked at what motivates people the most. What drives them to success? Why do people persevere in their passions despite obstacles?

Three things stood out:

  1. Growth: People who are successful have an innate desire to grow and constantly improve
  2. Autonomy: the value their independence
  3. Purpose: they have a calling and purpose. They know why they do what they do. They have a cause. They want to make a difference.

When I was in London, using the underground transportation, I hear a voice say over and over, “Mind the Gap” as the train came into the station (meaning people had to stand back; not too close to the incoming train)

How will you mind your GAP today? (Growing? Autonomous? On Purpose?)

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