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When I was a student in medical school I had a class mate who always shared some great ideas.

 He was inspiring and to this day he thinks big and plans big. Over the years he has been restless to the point where he is no longer working as a doctor, but now runs a multi-million dollar business in Africa.

 I remember one story he told me—how to juggle. He used the metaphor of juggling 6 balls. One of the balls however was made of glass and the other 5 were not. His point was that the glass ball is the one that could not be dropped. It was the most important one of them all.

Here is my question to you today: What is your glass ball ?

 It may be your kids; it may be your career; it may be your health; it may be getting out of debt; it may be your spiritual awakening.

Life has many chapters. It has many seasons. Let me be transparent with you. For me the glass ball is my spiritual walk. I see that as my glass ball. I don’t want to miss that ball and drop it. Why? Because it determines what happens to all the other balls.

 It has been said that what is essential is invisible to the eye. The inside indeed determines the outside.

 If you visit this site and see the juggling act under “About” you will be reminded that to juggle in a way that keeps all the balls in the air is not easy. You may drop some balls. Never drop your glass ball.

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