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Airbus A380

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A plane gets pushed back from the gate at a busy international airport. It taxies by another plane much bigger. Passengers with window seats lean forward and stare at the other plane. It is an Air France plane, stationary by another gate. What is unusual is that it is one of the biggest planes on the planet—an Airbus A380.

This plane has double-decker windows. It has a wingspan of 79 meters and a length of 76meters. It can seat 853 people and fly 15,200 kms. It flies at 910 km/hr and the take-off weight is 569,000 kg. It costs $337 million. I happen to be one of those passengers recently at the Montreal airport.

Now imagine yourself at the controls of this big bird……..

Imagine the training it took to become the pilot.  Imagine the joy of getting passengers to their destination safely all over the planet day and night in any kind of weather.  Imagine the technology in the cockpit.

But you are not a pilot. You are a parent at home.  At work you may be the boss. In your community or place of worship you may be the leader.

Your family and your friends depend on you as much as passengers depend on the pilot. They need your wisdom and experience. They are on a journey with you. They depend on you.

Consider this: What will you do to make sure they get to their destination in the best shape possible? Will you live your life by example?

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