We all seem to struggle with the way we manage our time and energy.

One way to become consistent is to integrate, seamlessly, a routine into our already-existing daily habits. We all wake up in the mornings, but what is the first thought that enters your mind upon wakening?

Personally I have three habits:

—immediately be grateful and find at least three things to be grateful for

—use positive affirmations such as ” Today my only goal will be to be in peace regardless of what happens around me.”

—Affirm my partnership with a Higher Power for the day ahead, because if I were to rely only on my own power I will make it some days but not all days.

It is interesting how this method works. At first it may seem awkward but as is the case with habits, the more we do it daily, the more it becomes part of who we are and who we become. Keep it simple. Stay in peace. Be in balance.

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