Motion Creates Emotion

I sometimes think that running has given me a glimpse of the greatest freedom a man can ever know, because it results in the simultaneous liberation of both body and mind.

Sir Roger Bannister, English former athlete best known for running the first recorded mile in less than 4 minutes

I was running one morning just before dawn. To the East the sky was orange and to the West a full moon hung just above the horizon. It was as if the sun and moon were almost in balance
At that moment I heard in my iPod‘s earphones Tony Robbins say that “Motion creates emotion“. He was talking about the benefits of exercise daily. Since I was already doing what he suggested, I could not help but wonder how one can help more people to get into motion and enjoy the emotion that flows from that.

Now, maybe your example is not to be the first person to run the mile under 4 minutes. But, what if we reframe it all by saying that if you can simply walk for 15 minutes every other day that would be a start to exercising?

Look back at why you did exercise when you did. Or why you are continuing to do that daily if that is your habit. List the benefits. It’s not that we pay the price; it is that we enjoy the benefits!
I was told a belief is the sum of our thoughts about a matter over time that ends up as a conclusion. I do not know what you believe about your ability to exercise daily. But I am here to encourage you to review your beliefs.  Start simple-just start. Just do it. Do it with a friend or relative—even your teen if they let you (good luck on that one!)

You say it’s hard to do? Then become an “actor” and act as if it’s fun when it’s not because an action precedes an attitude—-Dale Carnegie said that if we act enthusiastic we become enthusiastic. So true.

Here is what helped me run every day of my life since December 16, 2009 and what helps me today to go out there in the dark as I prepare for my 64th marathon: learn how to count
Count all the benefits of exercise. Choose to focus on what you can do-not on what you cannot do. Start small. Keep a log. Have a why. (For me it is about getting my best ideas during runs and about being there in good health for my kids. It is also about not being a hypocrite telling my patients to be active when I am sitting on a couch)

You will be amazed how your exercising can make you more credible with those you want to encourage and help as you live life by example.

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