My dad’s example at 35,000 feet

 As I am writing this, I am on a flight between Calgary and London.

There is a stunning sunrise as we are heading east. On this 8 hour flight I napped for a mere two hours, but the anticipation of what lies ahead has energized me greatly.

Despite the seemingly warm sunshine reflecting off the plane’s wing just outside my window, it is only minus 70F outside here at 35, 000 feet. I am following our flight path on the in-flight entertainment monitor which makes these long trips seem somewhat shorter.

 In my lap is a one page letter from my father who lives in Cape Town. In his own neat handwriting he lists things we may be doing on a two week visit to South Africa. I read it a few times and marvel at his steady hand and legible writing, his lucid mind and thoughtfulness at age 84. I feel blessed to be his son.

I cannot help but reflect that in this day and age, where technology dominates our lives, the simplicity of a hand-written note remains powerful.

 The story today of me reading my father’s note en route to a visit in sunny South Africa, hopefully will inspire you to make the time to write notes to your children or spouse. Hopefully, my dad’s example will inspire you to do the same thing more consistently. It may set you apart from the norm—sending emails or text messages in a generic, printed format. Instead, use fine stationery and a pen that is meaningful to you. I use a fountain pen when I write notes to my own children.

 By the way, they are all with me and my wife on this flight—all are eager to see their family members half way around the world. Don’t forget to date the notes you will write. My dad did that and it is meaningful to me… It becomes a nice reminder one day when you look back upon all the good times you may have had as a family.

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