New York City begs three questions

New Yorker Chrysler Building, oberer Gebäudete...

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I am in New York City at the moment. Its my favorite city on this planet. My mentor, Dr Peale, lived here and in his books he talked about the vibrancy of this place.

It is nice to be here today. That vibrancy was on full display this morning during my run along the East Side river. I had a clear view of midtown Manhattan—the Empire State building, the Chrysler Tower and the UN Building where many nations get together to talk much.

The top of the Chrysler building glittered in the bright morning sun. The legacy of its architect will forever be impressive.

This city attracts millions of tourists each year. Its a magnet like few other places.

So in view of my New York state of mind today, I ask you three questions

—are you vibrant?

—what is your legacy?

—what do you attract?

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