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Not so long ago on a dark morning I drove to an appointment with a cardiologist. I was not particularly excited to get a treadmill test, but since I am a marathon runner I felt it would be wise to obey the advice of my general practitioner who hooked me up with one of the top cardiologists where I live.

Apparently though I have zero symptoms of note an EKG was abnormal. It surprised me. This was not what I expected. My faith sustained me as I waited for the verdict—worry is after all meditating on the negative and I refused to worry.

All went well during the stress test and the cardiologist gave me his verdict. Smiling broadly he said “You heart is boring” (meaning as healthy as it can be)

Today is day 654 of being a streaker. That is an uninterrupted streak of running every day.

I made a colleague laugh when I mentioned that during a rectal exam my GP said “Nice and smooth” talking about a healthy prostate.

So I suppose I am smooth and boring…….

Too much information you may say? That is not the point.

Here is the point: Pay attention to these screening tests and do whatever you can do to also be smooth and boring by choosing a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t sleep enough, eat poorly and rarely exercise you are a gambler. Don’t gamble; be boring to doctors by being healthy!

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