Nutrional fitness is as important as cardiovascular fitness. I am honored and humbled to talk more about this on Aug 13, 2014 at Canada Olympic Park at 7:PM

I am joining John Kucera, Olympic Downhill Skier and  Dr.Lindsay Alcock, Olympic Skeleton Racer that evening to discuss nutritional fitness for athletes.

August 11, 2014 marks  1700 days of running every day, since Dec 16, 2009.

Here is information on the event at Canada Olympic Park.

Do You:  Think you are an Athlete?

Want to be an Athlete?

Know an Athlete?

 Come and hear four dynamic speakers share their secrets of success.

John Kucera Olympic Downhill Skier

Dr. Lindsay Alcock Olympic Skeleton Racer

Dr. Peter Nieman Marathoner

Mark Schwan Athlete and Coach

Contact Dr. Corinne Zamonsky for complimentary tickets

Logo of Canada Olympic Park, Calgary

Logo of Canada Olympic Park, Calgary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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