Pay Attention to What Attracts You

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

You drive down the road and a sign catches your eye. It is not the first time you noticed the sign. You cannot write an idea down while you are focused on the road. Thankfully, there is a red light ahead and it’s one of the longest in town. Here is your chance to jot down a few thoughts. (Some will dictate an idea into their Smartphones!)

What am I talking about today? Ideas come to us in patterns. Pay attention.

If it’s the same idea that keeps on coming back to you, it’s a sign that you must do something about it.

Maybe you have been attracted to the idea of starting your own business, but you’re worried it will not work.

Maybe your kids misbehave more and more and it’s time to face the music: you have to spend more time with them and less time at work.

Maybe you work for a great company, but it is time to change careers and do what you always dreamt of doing such as writing a book. (This is what Dr. Wayne Dyer did many decades ago and his readers will thank him for that long after he dies one day.)

I noted upon reviewing my personal journal that in 1993 I was attracted to the idea of starting a wellness clinic for kids. It did not happen until 2004. Eleven years later . . . every week I work in that special place (see I celebrate the honor to help families live healthy by focusing on prevention and wellness.

My point is simple: be patient with what attracts you, but don’t ignore it if you see a recurring pattern. Don’t allow fear to hold you back.

Only you can live the life you are called to live. Do it well. Do it daily. Do it by example.

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