In this lifetime, I have set the intention of developing only nine qualities. They are:










As a doctor, a life coach, and an endurance athlete with over 100 marathons behind me, I have learned that lasting change always starts with awareness, followed by action and sustained by consistency.

Since I discovered the value of these nine qualities I am determined to make them my main intention—daily.

We all have the freedom to choose, but none of us are free from the consequences of our choices.

As we journey between birth and death, we will be bombarded by many ideas, philosophies and experts. This is the input or stimulus. How we choose to filter all the daily inputs determine the fruit and outcome of our lives—how we live on purpose and how we end up in a place of total inner peace. What we end up believing will determine our circumstances.

I believe the world needs more light and healing and wonder what it would look like if more of us aimed at developing the above nine qualities consistently.

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