1. Close to 20 years ago I ran the Las Vegas marathon. This was my 19th marathon and it was special in many ways: I trained harder than ever with the goal to run my fastest marathon ever. I wanted to get to the ultimate race which was the Boston marathon (To run the famous Boston marathon, one must qualify with a fast time). By pacing myself wisely, and with great joy flooding my athlete’s heart, I won my race against the clock and the Boston experience was one I shall always cherish.
  2. But in 2010 I had the same goal and failed to reach it by only 26 seconds—one second per mile too slow! This time my pacing was off, and a miss was as good as a mile. Finding the right pace determines the quality of our lives.
  3. We all in some way race against time. We look for tools to pace ourselves in ways that are just right for us, aiming to balance work, family, important goals, and cultivate overall wellness. Sometimes we feel as if we are on a treadmill where someone else comes by and speeds it up every 15 minutes. We think we can sustain the pace, but every 15 minutes it gets harder and harder. There is no off switch. And when we almost reach the point of exhaustion, the incline of the treadmill automatically raises to an uphill mode.
  4. This blog is part of my health coaching program (coach2moveforward) where I invite people to join me as we share a desire to never get stuck in a burnout-mode, but rather move forward at a pace that makes sense for each one of us individually.
  5. My signature contribution as a doctor, author and holistic life coach is to work with individuals who want to consistently contribute as healers. I have been called a helper of helpers. And with this simple introduction, allow me to explain what to expect:
  • Every blog will be limited to only seven points. I am doing this to be intentionally different and to help you budget your time wisely for every blog post. It will only be published bi-weekly.
  • The ideas will be practical, specific and my goal is to share other resources for those who want to dive deeper.
  • Later this year you will get access to Online seminars and group coaching. My intention is to support a community of like-minded people, keen on moving forward daily.
  1. The foundation of this resource is based on what I call an ABC model:
  • Awareness first and foremost (regardless of the topic)
  • Begin with micro-moments of action.
  • Consistently sustain what works for you. (As an endurance athlete who completed over 100 marathons so far and as a health coach who has been running daily for over eight years since 2009, I believe I have earned the right to share some ideas which may resonate with what you are looking for)
  1. And so, we come to the end. As always, it will end with a meditation. As a physician, encouraging others to be whole and in peace, I prefer meditations over medications. One letter makes all the difference!

I am aware that to pace myself just right for the person who I am, I need to first slow down to be fully present. All thoughts about the future and the past can only take place in the present. I am aware that without self-care I still may be able to help others—but only for a season. I set an intention to begin with micro-moments of taking realistic action. And as I begin to move forward, I also set an intention of staying consistent with what I have learned…..And so it is.


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