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I read somewhere that automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) can be conquered as long as we use cognitive behavioral therapy consistently

Perhaps one can also refer to cognitive behavioral therapy simply as positive thinking. The times when we chose to say the glass is half-full, not half-empty

Think of it like this: You hear the doorbell ring. As you open the door you see a postal worker wanting to deliver a package. But there is a problem. It is not a package you ordered. So naturally you, very politely, ask that the package be returned to the sender. You refuse to sign for it. Yes it was your home and yes you answered the door, but the package is not getting into your house.

In this analogy the packages are the ANTS that come your way daily

However, from now onwards catch yourself saying “Return to Sender” Refuse to imagine the worst. Throw away the habit of making negative thinking your default mode.

As is the case with any new habit, getting good at this will take time. Be patient. Be consistent. Get someone you trust to keep you accountable. Keep a log. Celebrate progress.

There is a book out there about seven habits that work; and a book out there about 8 weeks to optimum health. Both these books make a common point: it takes about 8 weeks to get into better habits but most of all it takes consistency.

It is not that these books tell us something new—we know so much already. It’s a matter of acting on the knowledge.

Here is one way to live life by example: get rid of your ANTS!

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