Say to yourself, “I am ready”

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Say to yourself, “I am ready”

Seventy years ago something happened in baseball that has never happened again.

A man who played for the Boston Red Sox said to himself “ You are ready”. He remembered all the swings he took to prepare himself for that day. It was a day when he set a record that still stands to this day. Ted Williams remains the last major leaguer to bat .400 or better in one season.

In a recent New York Times sport section, entitled “Many Swings, Few Misses” the story about Williams described what took place on September 27, 1941. Williams was jumpy and impatient. He did not want to sit around in the hotel that day. The game was scheduled for the next day and Williams “marched into the streets of Philadelphia” as the New York Times put it. He gave himself a pep-talk like no other before.

That day he was more eager than ever to hit. The next day went ahead and did what nobody has ever done in one season: finish the season at .406

I learned three lessons from this story

  1. Be prepared for the right moment. Sometimes it takes many years to get ready but be ready when the opportunity arrives
  2. Use self-talk and talk yourself into success and not out of it. Our inner conversation matters.
  3. Even in dark times (1941 was a time when the world was at war and the future was uncertain) you can still be successful as long as you focus on what you are good at.
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