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The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)

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Mondays mark the start of a new week. Today’s encouragement to you will be very short—on purpose. (The beginning of a new week tends to be one of the most demanding moments)

You are already good at something. But in the next month what do you want to get better at? How do you plan to take it to the next level? How will you stay consistent?

I can give you three top methods that worked for successful people. I can give you my own top ten lists. But I won’t.

Only you know what you are good at. Only you know what you want to be better at. My goal is simply this:

       –stimulate you to set aside a moment and think about your next-level-goals

Meaningful living rarely happens without reflection. Take the time to do it. Set the time aside. Otherwise, the usual daily distractions will keep you from living life by example.

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