Should you slow down?


I became left-handed at the age of 54. I can tell you it has been a challenge. That’s the bad news. The good news is that in 6 weeks it should be over

Here is what happened…..I was tired and in a rush. My dog was keen to go for a run. While changing into my running gear, the third finger on my right hand bent the wrong way and a tendon by the tip of the finger snapped in half. Just like that. (My wife, who is a family doctor, was quick to spot the problem when she declared “You have a mallet finger”)

So for 6 weeks the finger has to be in a splint—24/7.  Lesson learned…’s when you rush or when you are tired that accidents may happen more easily

Do you rush in the mornings trying to get the kids off to school? Are you always running behind schedule for meetings or getting to your place of worship? How about getting to the airport at the last minute?

Not only do these rushed moments increase your blood pressure, give you a headache or cause your stomach to go into a knot—they also set you up for trouble (In my case an injured finger which slows me down for 6 weeks)

Look for patterns in your life where you rush too much. Change it as soon as possible because the price of doing more of the same is too high. Your kids are watching you… wonder they also rush some days. Change your example and do it soon.  Don’t wait to do it—learn from my mistake.

My example this week is good because it is bad! (I know…there are worse things than a broken tendon in a finger. How about a broken car because you were in a hurry or tired? How about high blood pressure medication chewing up money that could have been used where it’s needed the most?)

If you care to see what a splint for a Mallet finger looks like, see what my patients see when they come to me these days—go to Twit Pic

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  1. zamonsky Feb 09 at 2:37 pm - Reply

    Thank you for inspiring me to make a change

  2. Ouma Feb 10 at 10:05 am - Reply

    Yes, slow down and do everything with determination.[don’t just go on autopilot!] Sometimes you need to use time, to save time later. It always saves time to pay full attention to kids and loved ones.

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