Not so long ago I sat in a room in a hotel in Chicago. The room was filled with dynamic, wise leaders. The topic was physician wellness.

Two candidates for the future president position of this organization all agreed: “Doctors burn out not because of who they are, but because of the system they are victimized by.”

That is not entirely correct.

Let me tell you about what I have called “The Meanwhile Method.”

In life some things we cannot control; some things we can partially control; some things we actually get to control.

The system that strains doctors indeed can be tough and hard to manage.

Leaders are keen to change that by redesigning it –meaning reducing rules and regulations (two great reasons for docs to feel hopeless and out of control is being controlled more and more).

Changing the system will not happen overnight. It is just not that easy—regardless of how dynamic leaders may be.

So meanwhile there is a need to cultivate mental resilience.

It means coaching via resources like the ones you may find on this site—or similar sites.

Meanwhile, please sign up for this email or the monthly letter where you will get upliftment.

I close with an analogy: sometimes when its brutally cold we don’t like it, but we can wear a coat and hope it will help us until the heat returns. We cannot change the weather.

Similarly, I offer you a coat via my words—meanwhile—while leaders help improve the system (cold weather)

Be balanced, be happy at work and be the best doctor to those who depend on you for their inner and outer healing.

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