Life will inevitably offer you various opportunities to learn more about yourself.

When adversity hits—and it will—you will remember the orange. My teacher Wayne Dyer always taught that when an orange gets squeezed, what is inside comes out.

I am learning currently what this means. My dog—a loyal friend— has newly diagnosed cancer; my mother is in heart failure; my wife has a pacemaker; my running career is threatened by six months of backache which has caused insomnia at night; my three teenage boys are rebellious and all of this led me to this question:

How do we move forward consistently when adversity strikes?

The answer of course will be highly individualized.

My point is simply this: Each and every human being at some point will be squeezed.

Are you ready? What will you do when that happens? Is your plan customized? Is your foundational truth solid enough to sustain you? If you have faith….will it help you? Will you get bitter or better?

Some will use the Bible; some will use the Buddha; some will use beer. What will you use? Will it work to help you move forward, rather than move backward–or will you be stuck in the same spot?

We control nothing but our attitude. Even Scriptures tell us that the God of the Universe does whatever he pleases. How naïve to think we can control whoever God may be. And if you believe there is no God, then you are still stuck with dealing with the only thing we can control: choosing a response.

There are so many choices to be made when we get squeezed. Only you and you alone can decide …..but whatever you decide, my hope is that ultimately your pain will lead to peace rather than panic, fear or bitterness.

Peace be with you as you move forward–even when squeezed.

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