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Every day in life we face choices. It is as if there are Ys in the road. Which fork should we take? Or there are many intersections, but which one is the best one?

Let me tell you about a teacher.

I read about her amazing story not so long ago. She asked her class one day to write something positive about each of the students in the room. That night she collected all these positive qualities. She compiled for the students a list of what their class mates admired about each of them.

The next day she gave that written list to each student. The students read it, beaming with joy.

Many years later one of her students’ parents called the teacher and told her that their son was killed in the Vietnam War. They wanted her to come to his funeral.

When she arrived they showed her a stained and crumpled piece of paper found in his wallet.

It was the list he kept ….the same list of all the positive qualities his class mates admired about him long ago.

Reading this story made me fight back the tears. How often do we get a chance to encourage others? Yes we may do it with a spoken word, but if there was ever a reason to write written notes of encouragement to others, this story convinced me to do that more often.

Are you convinced?

You are at an intersection now that you have read this story. What choice will you make?

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