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There is no shortage of ideas on how to set goals and reach them.

Having just completed my 76th marathon and knowing that people who visit this site do it because they want to consistently set goals and reach them, I was reminded again that the basics will always be the basics. There are no secrets and certainly no short cuts

The point today is to remind you to start at the finish line.

Know what your finish line looks like. For example is your finish line a child who tells you “You are the best mom” or a boss who tells you “You are my best employee”? You can have both but it is harder than choosing one of the two. You decide.

Or maybe your finish line is to reach 80 and not be on any prescription medication. Perhaps that does not matter to others because their finish line may be to enjoy food in large amounts, avoid exercise because it is less fun than watching TV from a comfortable chair till long after midnight—for them the finish line may be to enjoy each day 100% and not worry too much about the future. They decided.

Personally, the finish line for me hosting this site is simple: have as many people as possible come here for hope and ideas that will allow them to leave a mark—consistently.

Life is like a athletic track…..we must run in our lane and choose our speed or distance that best suits who we are. One size will never fits all, but everyone needs hope as much as they need oxygen. So be encouraged if you have not yet decided what the finish line may look like for you. But know this: ultimately you will have to decide, because you will cross it somehow.

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