Deutsch: Das normale EKG und seine Anteile

Deutsch: Das normale EKG und seine Anteile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been said that life is a string of lessons, one after another.

I experienced, first hand, that when there were four co-incidences over the past few months, they were not co-incidences, but a sign of Destiny at work.

Over the past year, 4 times my wife lost consciousness for minutes due her heart suddenly stopping. The most recent event a few weeks ago was marked by her having fixed dilated pupils. And today she is in the hospital getting treatment for her heart.

Doctors were stumped at explaining why her heart stopped. Both I and my wife are physicians, so we know that doctors are human; even the best among us at times cannot make a diagnosis.

In my wife’s case diligent clinicians relied on an implanted device which discovered why her heart can suddenly stop beating ( A condition known as polymorphic ventricular tachycardia or Torsades de Pointes)

One of my teachers explained God or Destiny as a “Higher Power who moves the checkers around”. Eastern Philosophies such as the Tao teach a similar truth. Ministers teach that God is sovereign. Some say there is no God and that events are purely random.

In our case we look back at how previously doctors told us this heart situation is not fatal—but it was potentially fatal. After the first event, Pastors told us this will not happen again—but it did happen again and again.

 And yet despite having a fatal, undiagnosed heart condition where my wife’s heart stopped 4 times and she passed out for minutes, today she is still alive and getting care in a cardiac unit.

I do not have the faith to say that these events were mere co-incidences. I now see that when our time is not up, it is not up. Indeed there is a Higher Power at work and if we ever could figure it all out then there is no point using the term Higher Power.

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