The Atheist who Made Money

The End ?

You get a call from someone who respected you very much. She is most upset to read in the paper that you have changed your opinion on a very important moral matter. It is 180 degrees different from your position in the past. She hangs up on you when you try to explain it simply is not true…..there must have been a misrepresentation. You will never do a 180. She is clearly upset. You feel terrible.

The phone rings again. You hope she is calling back to apologize. But it is the credit card company. They are checking on a major transaction done a few minutes ago in your name.  You try to focus on their story, still struggling to get over strife with your best friend who hung up on you.

One hour later the answer to the sudden drama in your life is simple: in your name someone did a lot of harm. You feel violated. Your emotions are boiling over.

That is exactly how many people on the planet felt at 6PM, May 21, 2011. Why?

Because an influential evangelist from California, whose Family Radio broadcast heard in 61 languages, predicted with certainty that the world will come to an end at 6PM May, 21, 2011. He is a leader—leaders have influence. However he is also now less influential because the world never ended as predicted.

The point of my story today is simple: be very careful how you use your influence. In this story an evangelist used his influence in such a way that other evangelists may have less influence. People will now be given one more reason to make fun of all evangelists. It’s too bad that men still claim they know when the world will end. They have not learned that God only knows.

By the way I also saw a story of an atheist who made some money out of the above. He offered to look after the dogs of people who supposedly would have left the earth when the world ends. Those who bought the insurance had to pay in advance. No refunds.

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