The Football Huddle In Your Home

Life is busy…..but what are you going to do about it?

If I were to ask my wife that question, she would tell me “suck it up and just do what you must do!” She is correct. She is practical. She reflects the way many of us try to cope with busy living.

But I am suggesting it is time to change all of that and to start thinking like the best team in the National Football league. It is time to stop the clock. Halt the game. Call “Time out” and huddle. Football players huddle before they play the next play of the game.

Living a life that gives us meaning and sets an example to our family and community must be a life by design. Turtles never end up on top of a post by themselves.

Here is the tip of the week: Huddle on Sunday nights for 15 minutes every week.

It means simply doing three things consistently in the year ahead every Sunday night-or the night that marks the beginning of a new week for you:

  • Pick three areas you want to focus on over the next seven days (For me it is usually in the areas of fitness, family and faith)
  • Pick the one thing that will enable you to make a bee line to your goal and passion for that area; something that excites you, is important to you and most importantly something that has a big WHY. (Without a WHY you are bound to get distracted, discouraged and ending up being busy, but tired, and even more frustrated) For me it is important to live by example in the area of fitness. I have more credibility as a dad and a doctor when I exercise every day—thus far I have managed to run every day of my life for more than a year; my goal is to keep it up until life ends for me.
  • Write it down and place it where your eyes can see it often—on your calendar by the kitchen table or fridge; on your smart phone; on your desk; by the bathroom mirror; on the home page or desktop of your computer. Do not allow yourself to switch the light off at night before you go to sleep until you have quickly reviewed your huddle list.

This habit has helped many of my patients in the weight clinic where I work once a week. They have seen their dreams come to pass; they have tackled inevitable distractions well; they have more energy; they are consistent; they have reached their goals and to stick with the football analogy……. they have scored many touch downs because they choose to huddle first.

You too can do this and set an example to yourself, your family and your community. Live life by example and remember, if you are not having fun, you are not doing it right.

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