The Heart of the Matter

Living life by example begins with you.

So as this year starts, my hope is that you will make use of this tool to reach your goals and dreams. I am guessing:

  • You want to be productive but not in a way that leaves you exhausted long before the day ends
  • You want to be more consistent
  • You have a lot of stuff you want to do but the stuff you need to do interfere way too often
  • You want your children to succeed, your spouse to be proud of you, your community to be glad you are around to make it a better place to live
  • You want to be healthy, filled with energy, ready to use your time to have fun instead of sitting in a stuffy waiting room waiting to see the doctor who is running behind schedule
  • You want to look back at this year and be amazed at how good you have become in setting priorities and maintaining them 365 times-each day. Consistency is powerful if you want to live by example
  • You want to be happy and help as many others-especially the ones closest to you—to be happy too.

Reading this may make you wonder…… this all sounds very nice but really, can it happen to me and my family… much work will this take and where will I get the time to do it all?

That is why I decided to launch this site.

Let me add immediately that this site is not about me; it is about you and how we all can help each other live lives of example. I love the words in the book of Wisdom, the book known as Proverbs, where it says: Iron sharpens iron; so as a person sharpens the countenance of a friend (Proverbs 27:17).

One year from now, I am believing that as we gather together weekly we will be in a place where we can truly say we have become sharper at prioritizing, being consistent, being able to re-evaluate accurately where we want to go and how we want to succeed and being very tactical about our goals and our beelines.

But remember that the heart supplies blood to the body and yet it supplies blood to itself first. What I am saying is that as much as I want to facilitate your success, it is up to you to make a choice of how you will believe, speak and think daily.

You decide.

You supply to yourself first in terms of why a life by example is worth living. Just like the heart pumps blood to itself in order to sustain the body, you must do the same. It is not selfish….it is simply wise. Your family, friends and community depend on how you will live by example.

It does begin with you and for more ideas on how we will get there-together-join me again next week and in the 52 weeks ahead.

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  1. Gord McMorland Feb 02 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    Good advice. The other analogy and perhaps, overused cliche that speaks to this is what we have all witnessed prior to taking off on a plane flight. Part of the safety talk (which most ignore) is they advise you that in the event of a cabin loss of pressure, make sure you place your own oxygen mask on first before helping the person sitting next to you. Again, this isn’t selfish because if you don’t take the time to take care of yourself, you won’t be much good to those around you.

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