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Lenore Skenazy did something unusual. She left her 9 year old son in Bloomingdales to make his way home on the New York subway—alone.

She wrote about that in 2008. The next morning she was on the Today Show. And soon after that on Fox and NPR plus many more media outlets

Today she is known as the blogger who became a mega-guru. She started a movement know as the “Free-Range Kids’ movement. Essentially she and her many followers believe that parents must loosen up.

She feels that parents are too worried about being good parents

Soon she will have a TV show because her husband told her “you can write a million columns, but people watch TV”

You have heard of yin-yan. In plain language we call it balance. I have seen both sides of the coin: committees of the Canadian Pediatric Society who in the name of advocacy (and may I add that these committee members are well meaning doctors) push ideas that border on a nanny-state—-no trampolines for example. I also met a mom recently who opposed helmets when kids cycle… that they can learn for themselves why safety is a good idea.

I cannot tell you how to parent, but please try to be balanced as you set a wise example. And remember to take your kids out in nature! I took a photo and posted it on the site. It shows a dial with these words: May the joy of nature inspire your direction in life.  Indeed….

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