The New Year and your Consistency

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It is true that to set goals we must use the SMART method (The goals must be specific; measured and meaningful; attainable; realistic and have a time line)

But based on my work in a weight clinic for kids and families I wonder about this: lets say you use the SMART system today and the next week and next month. Lets say you do what most people don’t do—drop out this year. You stick with your SMART methods for most of 2012.

But then what about the future in terms of being consistent? Many people struggle and then find their solution. But in the end they fail.  They use the SMART method for 2012, 2013 and perhaps 2014….but then they stop. Why?


To really live a life that is an inspiration to others—Life By Example–you must have the courage and stamina to be consistent. I cannot tell you for sure how to be consistent. You have to figure that out for yourself. But I can tell you the difference, ultimately, between success and failure is consistency.

Tomorrow morning, God-willing I will set out for my run—the  755th consecuative day of daily running. And on Sept 10 this year it will be, God-willing, day 1000. I shall blog that day on what it means to be consistent and how I did it.

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