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By now you may have visited a few times. Thank you for doing that.

This week I want to point something out about the site. It is for you. You are a busy mom and you also want to be a wonderful wife. You want your husband to cherish you and your kids to respect you. But life is busy—all the time. And at your work they want more of you—especially these days (Note that these days never get quieter…… is never for season; it’s relentless.)  

Are there days when the constant pressure seems like a treadmill going too fast and there is no “pause” or “off” button?

How do you balance it all?

Note the objects on the site. Each one is there for a reason:

—The credit card and money to remind you that finances matter a great deal. (My suggestion is to eliminate debt)

Entertainment is a must (Get tickets to the next show….just you and your spouse…no kids)

Report cards by schools are key but never forget it is only one slice from a child’s life (if it is great take time to say thanks; if it is not great, determine you will help the child to do better)

—Use a tool to be organized (see the iPhone? Apple paid me to put it there…..just kidding; be sure to have a tool that works for you to be focused—like a laser beam…see my blog on the magnifying glass)

Keys must be kept in one place; never lose them….it just wastes time. Use keys to remind you to make a list of the key things in your life

Cameras help us to record our memories. Do that often. Email a photo to your family. Or take a shot of a rash your kid has—show it to the doctor. Its true…a picture is worth 1,000 words)

—Take time to hydrate. See the water bottle and use it as reminder to always be watered—never dry. Being dry is simply boring….and unhealthy

—Finally a magazine. What that means is that I want to encourage you to read—often. You will get inspired. You will get ideas. And if you act upon those ideas and the ideas above you will live your life by example.

Go for it—today. Now. Just do it. Live life by example

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