The Olympic Rings—why 5?

The Olympic Rings, the symbol of the modern Ol...

The Olympic Rings, the symbol of the modern Olympic Games, inspired by Pierre de Coubertin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What landmark moment took place for the Olympics in 2014? The founder Baron Pierre de Coubertin designed a symbol we still recognize to this day.


The 5 rings


It is an International emblem. It is symbol of peace. It has become one of the most recognized logos in the world.

It is symbolic of the unity of mankind.

These rings were inaugurated in June 1914

How did de Coubertin get his idea? According to the historian, Karl Lennantz, from an advertisement for Dunlop Tires

Enjoy watching the upcoming Olympics from London. I shall do what I tell my patients not to do: be glued to the TV. I feel no guilt. I am not a hypocrite. This only takes place once every 4 years and I get a lot of motivational stories out of hearing how the athletes did what I encourage you to do:

Never Quit.

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