The Princess and a Wish

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The headline in the newspaper read “Calgary girl captures world’s attention”. Her name is Diamond and she lives in the same city I live in. She is 6years old and has cancer. Recently when Prince William and his new wife, Catherine, visited Calgary, Diamond was chosen to present flowers to the Duchess.

Why did she capture the world’s attention?

Because she made her dreams known to others? Because she did not know the rules and flung herself in the arms of the Princess? Because she wrote the Duchess a letter? The letter said   “Dear Princess Kate, my mommy is in heaven and I have cancr. I spend a lot of time in the hospital. I watched you get married from my bed. You looked pretty like playing princess dress up. I would really like to meet you. Do you want to meet me too?”

Actually all of the above are the reasons she captured our attention, not only here in Calgary, but around the world. Because she has cancer she told the Children’s Wish Foundation that it was her dream to meet a real-life princess.

A few says ago William and Catherine arrived in Calgary on a whirlwind tour through Canada and California. This 6 year old girl with cancer (or as she wrote cancr) got her wish. She flung herself into the arms of a real princess.

This story reminded me that we all have dreams and desires. Perhaps to grow a business that will help thousands; perhaps a book that will be written; perhaps completing that first marathon simply to see what mental fitness you have. The possibilities of our dreams are endless.

Never allow anyone to steal your dreams. Never dilute your dreams. But remember a goal without a deadline is a dream. So have a plan and work that plan. Do it consistently and you will find you have what others want—-I call that living life by example.

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