I once was stuck in a prison I made myself.

I know I am not alone when I say we all create stories about ourselves. How we were treated unfairly. How we were victims. How we did not get the job we were so well qualified for.

About five years ago I applied for a job at the Children’s Hospital to serve in an area I am passionate about (Helping obese children gain control of their weight) I had the most experience on paper. A certain peer, also interested in the field, asked me for advice and asked me to share my insights. I gladly offered to do that.

I was certain that I was a good fit for the position. However, it was not to be, and I received a call to inform me that the job was given to another doctor. The one who asked me for advice was appointed in the job.

For years this “setback” imprisoned me. I was stuck, rehearsing my wounds.

As a Health Coach, I have since moved forward.

I have learned from a mentor, Alan Cohen, that when we keep an idea captive, which does not serve us, it keeps us at the door of a prison. Sometimes that idea is a person. Sometimes it is a situation.

Learn to let it go. Forgive yourself. Forgive the people who created the situation.

It is never easy to forgive, but unless we learn to do that, we cannot move forward. Happiness remains elusive. Peace does not rule our hearts. We remain restless and bitter—imprisoned.

Many see me as influential and as an athlete who has endured over 100 marathons. That may be true. But where I am today as a doctor, coach, athlete and author is simply due to a decision I made to move forward. The daily journey is never over. As I teach others how to move forward, I am healed myself.

If you too need to learn what this means and how to get unstuck from a prison, please stay in touch. I am a fellow learner just like you, and together we can figure out customized alternatives to our prisons.

“Unless you forgive, you will not be forgiven”—Jesus Christ.

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