The Universal Intelligence

Not so long ago I turned the page of a fine book written by Dr. Joe Dispensa, You are The Placebo

I saw these words and it really spoke to me—especially at a time when my wife and I can go for runs together again (I blogged in the past how she was close to dying 4 times and how she somehow survived these cardiac spells; she now has a pacemaker and defibrillator inserted)


Call it what you will but this is the universal intelligence that’s giving you life right now. It organizes and orchestrates the hundreds of thousands of notes in the harmonious symphony that is your physiology—those things that are part of your autonomic nervous system. This intelligence keeps your heart beating more than 101,000 times a day to pump more than two gallons of blood per minute, travelling more than 60, 000 miles in each 24-hour period. As you finish reading this sentence,

Cells dividing

Cells dividing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

your body will have made 25 trillion cells. And each of the 70 trillion cells that make up your body execute somewhere between 100,000 to 6 trillion functions per second. You will inhale 2 million liters of oxygen today, and each time you inhale, that oxygen will be distributed to every cell in your body within seconds.

Do you consciously keep track of all that? Or does something that has a mind so much greater than your mind, and a will so much greater than your will, do it for you? That’s love. In fact, that intelligence loves you so much that it loves you into life. This invisible field of intelligence exists beyond space and time, and it’s where all things material come from.

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