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A man in his fifties got an email last year. It was sent from the other side of the globe.

He opened the email titled “Health Matters”

In it he read that his dad was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. He had to read the email twice to make sure he read the words crafted by his dad correctly. Six months earlier his dad was as healthy as a horse.

A few weeks after the shocking email, he found himself on a jet heading to his dad’s home. It was a long flight—22 hours to be exact. There was lots of time to reflect. Hoping against hope and applying all he knew about faith were all he could do until he met his father at the airport.

Ten days later his dad died in hospital.

As the man sat next to his dad’s deathbed, watching him take his last breath that Wednesday afternoon, he saw the wristwatch marching one second at a time, long after his father’s heart stopped beating.

He took his dad’s watch off and gently packed it in a safe place.

Today, that watch ticks steadily in a drawer in the man’s bedroom, reminding him to start and end the day as if it may be his last day.

Life is uncertain at times and the Bible tells us that even good people will face many afflictions.

Maybe you can think of something to remind you to live life in a way you will have the fewest regrets?

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