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I am at a conference for the Treatment of Obesity. It’s been very useful to learn from experts all over the world as they lecture on various topics. I wish you were here to learn with me, but let me ask you five questions.

  1. Does breastfeeding prevent obesity?
  2. Does physical education classes at schools help children control weight?
  3. Does it help to remove unhealthy foods from schools?
  4. What percentage of women gain more weight during their pregnancy than what experts recommend?
  5. What is the role of sleep in helping a woman lose her post partum weight?

So how did you score?

Here are the answers and if you don’t agree call me or leave a comment! (Better still contact these gurus)

Breastfeeding used to lower the risk of obesity but not as much as we think. One issue is if it is exclusive for the first 6 months or if it is supplemented. Also once a baby stops breastfeeding he or she becomes a victim of an obesogenic environment.

—There is no data to suggest that we can fix the obesity issue in our kids by offering phys ed classes in all schools from Kindergarten to grade 12. Yet we do that because it sounds right. In fact the Canadian Pediatric Society grades Canadian provinces for offering phys ed. So don’t feel bad when your province gets an F! It does not matter when we want to reduce weight (at best it may prevent some weight gain but what kids eat matter more)

—Studies show that when kids cannot get empty and nice tasting calories in their schools they go to a close corner store and spend $1.10 only. For that they get loaded up with 360 calories per day

—53% of all pregnant women gain more weight during the entire pregnancy than they should. This sets the stage for their baby to be 4 times more likely to be overweight.

—If you looked after a new baby in your home you know you did not sleep much at first (I am still trying to find the person who came up with the expression “I slept like a baby”!) This lack of sleep makes it harder for women to lose some of the weight they gained during pregnancy. The good news is the longer they breastfeed, the more it helps them lose weight.

And finally all diets work to lose weight—only as long as we adhere to them. But as we know the vast majority of dieters don’t stick to their diets. So next time your hear diets don’t work—they do……as long as you remain consistent.

All the best as you maintain your own ideal and healthy weight!

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