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The tip of an arrow is sharp. It can penetrate. But in order to damage perfectly and kill, hunters of old know one thing: apply poison to the tip

It’s not the tip that kills. It is the poison.

Poison is toxic. It’s a chemical.

What chemicals do you allow to poison your body today? Un-forgiveness? Anger? Greed? Fear? Think about your own list of poisons tolerated. Things you have chosen to “not let go”

We all know about adrenaline, cortisol and other hormones and how it may cause elevated blood pressure—the silent killer you cannot feel.

Sometimes we do not get killed by poison—we get tired and chronically so because of the negative emotions we allow. The poisons and chemical substances produced in our own body by our own thoughts.

Meditate today on the price of unforgiveness. It will not be comfortable. But do it—for your own sake.

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