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Henry Ford once said  “ Your friend is the person who brings out the best in you”

It has also been said that our Facebook friends are not really friends. I disagree 100%.

Recently I posted a blog I wrote ( The sincere responses from many friends were absolutely full of love and compassion. I promise to thank each one individually, once I get back from Capetown.

During my 26km run this morning along the ocean (False Bay and Muizenberg), I reflected on the final moments I had with my father, three days ago. I looked up at his face and saw him take his last breath. I looked down at his wrist, feeling his pulse which was gone. I noticed his wrist watch. It did not stop but kept on marching forward— one minute at a time. I waited before informing the staff of his transition. I wanted some time alone before the predictable commotion of the staff asking me to leave in order to deal with my dad’s body.

At that moment I realized that my dad wants all of us to continue. Life must go on.

It was said that Steve Jobs changed the world. We can do the same by doing what my dad did so well: Live by example and use the Golden Rule as our true religion.

Thanks again to all my Facebook friends who bring out the best in me.

I shall take great memories with me as we lift off later today in a 747 heading for Heathrow airport  en route to London, England. God has been good to me. I feel blessed.

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