Traffic Jams Can Be Good


Cover of Barney

 A woman was caught in a major traffic jam in Dallas. She had a toddler strapped in a car seat. Looking to the back of the car, she could tell the toddler was getting impatient

She then got an idea of telling the child a story. It was about a dinosaur. Not just any dinosaur, but specifically a pink one. It was a friendly fellow who likes kids and taught kids all kinds of lessons.

This is how the story of Barney the dinosaur came into being.

All oak trees once started as an acorn. Every apple once was a simple seed.

The point of this week’s story is that the mom had two choices: curse the frustrating traffic and get her blood pressure up, or think of a interesting story to entertain her toddler. She chose wisely and today we can see that her living life by example has helped many others.

 I know few of us can consistently stay positive when trapped in a traffic jam. But let this story remind you that when lemons land in a lap some make lemonade.

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