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I had the honor of being in studio 1 A of the NBC‘sToday Show  three days ago.  It was a tour that one can take of the iconic NBC studios.

I was in New York to run the marathon. I am respectful of media and how it can influence our lives—both for good and bad.

I even saw the set where Dr Oz tapes his shows. What an influential doctor and human being he is.

But here is this week’s story. Its about a pillar.

In the Today studio there is a support pillar righ behind the hosts. However when you watch the show you will not know it.

Here is why. The gurus decided to film, with a seperate camera, the scenes behind the pillar. They then superimpose that next to the picture of the hosts, giving viewers the impression that there is no pillar.

The point is that in life what you see is not always what is real.

I also saw in the past the Indianapolis 500 track live and the famous Chrystal cathedral in California. It amazed me that it was quite smaller than what one would imagine from seeing these landmarks on TV. 

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