Two simple interventions for weight loss

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Everybody seems to have the solution to getting control of a problem in our society that appears to be getting worse and worse. I am talking about solving the issue of overweight children.

Because I spend 1/3 of my clinical time helping families whose children are overweight or obese I am always scouting out ideas that are simple and practical. If it is not simple it will not be user-friendly.

Dr Tom Robinson from Stanford recently showed what works in 85% of the time. He simply asked 160 families to do two things for 6 months:

—use smaller plates

—avoid eating in front of the TV

At the end of 6 months 85% of the children reduced their weight by 10%. A large number of parents also lost weight.

I am all for government joining the efforts to help families control their weight—but only up to a point. Just how much government we need will always be a matter of debate. There should be no debate about the choices families must make.

Am I “preachy” when I say it’s up to us not just the government?  Not at all. I am using Dr Robinson’s research to make the point: do two very easy and practical things every day of the week, 52 weeks each year and the odds are 85% in your favor. Your choice. Your decision. Your example to others.

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