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Valentine's Day

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Recently I had the honor to enjoy a fine meal with a friend and his wife.

 Gord is an excellent and caring chiropractor. He is also keen on educating his patients (see www.nationalspinecare.com for great resources on how to stay healthy and take proactive steps toward better health and wellness)

A few years ago he was involved in an accident which resulted in him getting a partial amputation of his index finger. When I asked Gord and his wife to explain what happened and how they coped with the initial disappointment, I was amazed by the tenacity of people who live their lives by example

When I asked what their young children had to say, Gord’s wife, Sandra, told me the kids thought that he may be “damaged goods” and that their “mom may need a new husband”. The kids were expecting a possible divorce!

But the good news is that a crisis like that brought this fine couple closer, because they care for one another unconditionally.

We can learn from this. True commitment requires unconditional love. When we make it a priority to live life by example our kids see that. It speaks volumes not only to our families, but also to friends

Here are my suggestions for this week:

—visit Gord’s site and take responsibility for your own wellness (www.nationalspinecare.com) It makes little sense to focus on Valentine’s Day and yet neglect your own health

—remember how he and his wife were examples to their kids. Loving one’s spouse unconditionally takes wisdom, patience and grace. If it is on the list of our top ten non-negotiables, the world may just see relationships that will soar to higher levels….your kids will benefit

—sit down and make a list of your own ten non-negotiables. This is an important list. It must be personal. Only you can do it. Take your time doing it……but do it. Do it for the sake of your spouse, your family and your community.

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