Use Objects to Inspire


You may have seen an athlete receive a medal during the Olympic Games or after crossing the finish line of a marathon.

Although I have completed 74 marathons thus far, it is still a nice feeling when a volunteer at the end of the race puts a medal around my neck.

I usually take it off when I get back to my hotel room to shower, freshen up, and recover.  However, I have noticed that a number of athletes who complete their first marathon tend to wear these medals for much longer.  They deserve to do that.

When I see patients in the Pediatric Weight Clinic reach their goal of losing weight and living a healthier life, I always encourage them to put up a graph that shows how their weight dropped over time. Ideally, it should be in a place where they can see it often. 

Marathon medals and a simple piece of paper always in view – our objects – remind us of our accomplishments and the qualities it took to reach our goal.

Today, the challenge to you is to deliberately think of objects you can keep on your desk or hang on your wall. Use these objects to remind you of qualities in yourself that may be an example to your children.

Don’t be surprised if your children make fun of you or accuse you of being self-centered.  When they face their own challenges once they leave home, they may just remember those objects that were not really objects, but more of a reflection of the qualities it takes to consistently live life by example.

Your example may inspire someone.  And if you are already satisfied with your many accomplishments, remember it is always possible to improve and go further or higher.

(See the three photos on this site this week—Boston marathon finish line when I ran that race a few years ago; Boston T Shirt and a book that is worth reading ……You can if you think you can)

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